October 16, 2021

7 Of The Most Popular Hardwoods In Your Home

  1. Red Oak- One of the most popular for hardwood and grows all over the U.S. It’s beautiful with a broad pattern that mimics a flame and a janka rating of 1290! 
  2. White Oak- Very similar to the red oak in strength and beauty, but has longer rays and higher density with a janka rating of 1360.
  3. Cherry- A softer wood when compared to the oaks, with a janka rating of 950, cherry gains its popularity with its warm, stylish and elegant appeal. It's complicated grain patterns and different shades of hue can catch the eye of anyone walking into the room. 
  4. Maple- Fun fact! The maple wood in flooring comes from the Black Maple and Sugar Maple trees, which are the source of maple syrup. They also have very fine grain, very heavy, durable and less likely to be dented than any other type of wood with a janka rating of 1450.
  5. Walnut- Floors come mainly from two types of trees—the American Black Walnut (Janka rating of 1010) and Brazilian Walnut (Janka rating 3684). American Black Walnut colors range from a creamy white to a chocolate brown and the Brazilian Walnut color ranges from an olive brown to an almost black that sometimes have yellowish stripes. 
  6. Ash- A resilient wood with unusual elasticity and shock resistance. It has large knots on a prominent grain with heavy streaking. Its color is either pale soft white or cool blond. Ash wood has a Janka rating of 1320, so it’s harder than Red Oak.

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