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About Tile

In addition to its durability, tile is beautiful and easy to maintain. It comes in a huge variety of shapes and colors and can often be the most cost-effective solution to budget problems. It’s water resistant, resilient and almost impervious to spills, tracked-in mud, etc., as long as it’s installed properly.

Consider some of the types of tile Flooring Pros offers!

Ceramic Tile
Non-porcelain ceramic tile is made from a combination of white, red and brown clay and various minerals heated to a very high temperature in a kiln. This process of “firing” the clay hardens it, creating tile that works extremely well in high-traffic spaces in your home. One of its major advantages is that it is inexpensive. This tile comes in a large number of colors and styles and in both glazed and unglazed varieties which are beautiful and add great design possibilities to your home. And ceramic tile is both stain and water resistant.

Porcelain Tile
Porcelain tile is made from a ceramic mixture that includes up to 50% feldspar crystal. When heated under extreme pressure, the tile becomes glass like with amazing durability and chip, crack and scratch resistance. While appearing like natural stones like marble, slate, and granite, porcelain tile costs much less.
Glass Tile
If you are into using “green” products, consider glass tile which takes about half the energy to make than does ceramic and porcelain tile. Known for its sophistication and elegance, glass tile has a luminous appearance because it reflects light rather than absorbing it. This tile comes in almost any size and is even available in sizes as small as ½ inch square. Glass tile is expensive, though.

Slate Tile
Coming in an interesting variety of colors such as gray, cream, blue, charcoal, rust, and gold, slate is ideal for high-traffic and busy areas in homes. It’s a natural stone that’s beautiful in its variations of texture and color within each tile and from one tile to the next. It has an unmatched durability and is stain, water, and skid resistant.

Granite Tile
Granite tile has exceptional strength and durability and comes in unique patterns with distinctive mottling, iridescent flecks or veining caused by the minerals mica, feldspar and quartz that are dispersed throughout the stone. Granite resists liquids, stains, scratches and chips, and has great aesthetic appeal. It’s been around for centuries and is very popular today. It has an easy maintenance and is suitable for high-traffic, busy areas of the home.

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