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About Hardwood Flooring

Consider 7 of the most popular hardwoods for your home!

Hardwood floors are made from wood that is readily available and is, of course, all very strong wood. Some of the most popular are Red Oak, White Oak, Maple, Cherry, American Black Walnut, Brazilian Walnut, and Ash.

About the Janka scale for measuring hardness in wood

The hardness of the wood and its resistance to dents and impacts is rated on what is called the Janka scale. It measures the force needed to press a steel ball, 0.444 inches in diameter, halfway into a piece of wood. Because Red Oak is the most common hardwood, it is used as the default standard for measuring all the other hardwoods. It has a Janka rating of 1290.

You could also choose from a huge variety of styles of hardwood flooring that varies from strong graining and color variation to hardwood that’s evenly colored with less graining.

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Consider 7 of the most popular hardwoods for your home!

Red Oak

Grows all over the United States and is one of the most often selected woods for American floors. It’s beautiful and very strong with a broad pattern that resembles a flame with little knots here and there. Again, its Janka rating is 1290.

White Oak

Much like Red Oak in its strength and beauty, but has longer rays, and is a bit denser. Its Janka rating is 1360.


A very dense hardwood, has complicated grain patterns and either a slightly pink hue or deeper shades which create a warm, stylish and elegant appeal. Its Janka rating is 950, meaning it is softer than Red Oak.


One of the hardest woods—harder than Oak—and has a warm, creamy color to it. It also has a fine grain, is very heavy, durable and less likely to be dented than any other type of wood. Maple used in flooring comes from the Black Maple and the Sugar Maple—the source of maple syrup. Maple has a Janka rating of 1450.


Floors come mainly from two types of trees—the American Black Walnut (Janka rating of 1010) and Brazilian Walnut (Janka rating 3684). American Black Walnut floors range from a creamy white to either light or chocolate brown, and the Brazilian Walnut tree ranges from an olive brown to an almost-black wood that may have sharply contrasted yellowish stripes.


A resilient wood with unusual elasticity and shock resistance, is comparable to Red Oak in its hardness. It has large knots on a prominent grain with heavy streaking. Its color is either pale soft white or cool blond. Ash wood has a Janka rating of 1320, so it’s harder than Red Oak.

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