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Why have the latest in vinyl plank flooring Innovations won rave reviews from customers?

1. While vinyl plank flooring actually looks like hardwood, stone or tile flooring, it’s also cost-effective—in fact, vinyl plank flooring can save you thousands when compared to hardwood, stone or tile.

2. Vinyl plank flooring is highly durable, scratch resistant, easy to take care of and eco-friendly. It also has the advantage of being made of materials that create a soft feel underfoot—dropped dishes are less likely to break. Vinyl planks absorb shocks and won’t crack or chip. And if you spend much time cooking, or are on your feet around the house, vinyl plank flooring can be a life-saver for your back, legs and feet.

3. Vinyl plank flooring also has the advantage of being water-resistant and can be used in areas where water is a constant threat—like kitchens and bathrooms—even in basements when installed properly.

4. Vinyl plank flooring absorbs noise, adding to a peaceful atmosphere in your home as it keeps household noises from teenagers, children, and pets from expanding from room to room.

5. Vinyl plank floors take on the temperature of the room—no more fear of putting your feet down on the cold floor early on a winter morning. It stays at room temperature and can also be installed with a radiant heating system to add more warmth.

6. Vinyl plank flooring comes in hundreds of styles and colors, with the versatility of design options that have a modern appeal, a traditional look, the look of a Mediterranean villa or even that of an American, Southwestern ranch, among many other options.

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Along with our design and technical support and information, we will do a professional, on-site measurement, remove your old flooring, and of course, provide skilled installation of your new floor. We at Flooring Pros will help you every step of the way. We can do it all with expertise and give you the lasting beauty and functionality you want in your home.

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