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Hardwood Installation

Planning the Installation

Preparation is the key.
You can be a big help in enabling the process to go faster and more smoothly—and you’ll also save money—by being prepared.

Flooring Pros wants you to be as well informed and well prepared as possible for the installation of your new flooring. It will make that day easier on you and your home.

You need to know the entire cost of your new flooring, including installation.
Flooring Pros will assist you in determining the total cost, including surprises.
Consider what you might do before the installation to be prepared.
Do you want to do any of the pre-installation work like removing the old flooring, moldings and baseboards? It will save you money, but can be a lot of bother. Or, Flooring Pros can do this for you if you wish.

Remember to decide what to do with doors.
It may be necessary to remove doors for the installation. Also, keep in mind that afterwards, doors may not clear the new floor and may need to be shaved or cut-down—you will likely need a carpenter to do this job.

Decide how to dispose of your current floor covering.
Should you prefer to remove your present floor covering, be sure to do it at least one day before the installation.

Again, this is something Flooring Pros can do for you and likely in a more timely fashion than you can.

Decide who does the clean-up?
Putting in new flooring will produce waste that needs to be cleaned up. Talk with Flooring Pros about who does the clean-up. We will do it for you if you choose.

How to be ready the day of installation

What you can do
Clear the room or rooms for installation. Move everything out, including furniture, lamps, TVs, window dressings, etc. Be sure to empty book shelves, china cabinets, and closets.

This is another thing Flooring Pros can help with. Just figure it into your contract.

What to do during installation day

Keep your family and pets safely out of the way!
The work area will be hazardous, and you don’t want anyone hurt. Your installers will use tools and substances that are dangerous, so keep everyone out of the way.

You need to be there!
The installation crew may have questions and you can make sure that the flooring is installed according to your wishes in the right areas of the house.

Flooring Pros will provide the licensed professionals to do the installation.
You can depend on Flooring Pros’s expert installers to do this quickly and efficiently, and you can sit back and relax. They are all licensed, bonded and certified, and will communicate with you all along the way as the installation progresses.

Do a walk-thru!
Before completion of the installation, do a walk-thru with the crew chief so you can ask any questions you have and sort out any complications.

What to do after installation day

Clean the air!
Get rid of the fumes left in the rooms from the chemicals used in the installation. Ventilation can take up to three days to clean the air.

We have major national and 
international brand names.

Flooring Pros will install the wonderful new hardwood flooring you are looking for.

To begin the process of creating your beautiful new space, fill out the contact information on our site, or give us a call at (832) 569-7606. We will set up an appointment for a free consultation with our design experts to help you make decisions, along with providing a free estimate and proposal.

With our expertise, your floors will look amazing.
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