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About Carpet

Carpet—the most popular flooring choice throughout the USA


  1. It offers you warmth, softness, and comfort under feet. It’s great for children playing on the floor.
  2. It’s much quieter than any other flooring choice.
  3. It’s easier to install than any other flooring.
  4. Carpeting comes with stain and pet resistant guarantees, with hypoallergenic characteristics and can be eco-friendly.
  5. It comes in more styles, textures, patterns, and colors than any other flooring.
  6. Carpet offers significant styling advantages. It can complement any type of home décor from traditional, to casual, to formal, to contemporary.
  7. Carpet is an excellent value and less expensive than other types of flooring. It also adds value to any home.

Other important things to consider when buying carpet:

What’s beneath the carpet?

Carpet Cushion—the layer of material that lies between the carpet and floor. It’s the carpet cushion, not the carpet itself that determines how a carpet feels beneath your feet. While helping to preserve the look of the carpet, a quality carpet cushion will provide it with tougher protection against wear and tear, thus extending the life and comfort of the carpet.

How does carpet nap affect the look of the room?

Carpet nap runs only in one direction—many cut-pile style carpets have what is called pile reversal, or shading, as a normal characteristic and this is particularly apparent with plush carpet. It can affect furniture placement and other décor choices.

How does the color of the carpet affect the look of the room?

In many ways—since carpet covers a large area of any space, it has a big impact on the ambience of that room. Lighter colored carpet will have the effect of making the room appear larger, while darker carpeting will cause the room to look smaller. Neutral colors have the ability to support changes in décor, if you are so inclined. Also, if you are considering selling your home soon, remember that prospective buyers can more easily imagine their furnishings in a home with neutral colors.

What does pile design do for carpet?

Pile design creates patterns and various styles of carpets and it can affect the use and longevity of the carpet.

Different types of piles include:

Loop pile—fiber forms a series of loops, leaving no yarn ends at the surface. Continuous structure of fiber in a carpet helps achieve evenness.

Cut pile—leaves yarn cut-ends at the surface and can create various designs.

Multi-level loop pile—staggers the pile loop height, creating interesting textures and patterns.

Cut and loop pile—mixes uneven piles and cut and loop piles and, again, creates interesting textures and patterns.

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