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Why Area Rugs?

Using area rugs throughout your home can add incredible drama and versatility to it—you can change the appearance of your home with the seasons, as children grow up or events change. Area rugs can be layered over carpeting, or to add color, warmth, and softness to hard-surfaced flooring. Area rugs come in a variety of shapes, sizes, patterns, textures, materials and colors, so you have incredible choices to complement every room in your home.

Flooring Pros has quality area rugs that look like works of art, as well as some with abstract modern designs, and of course, those traditional favorites. They come in breathtakingly bright colors, muted tones, colors of the rainbow—whatever you want. There are many options for materials including man-made and natural fibers—some tougher and some there for the beauty. There are Polypropylene, Leather, Wool, Jute, Silk, and Polyester rugs along with many other choices.
Some other things to look at, in addition to what the rugs look like, include whether the rug will be in a room with a lot of traffic, or in a little-used area. You may also need to consider how pets and children will treat the rugs and how to prevent damage.

Our expert Design Associates will help you select what works well and looks great in your home or office—and what comes at the right price.

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And don’t forget those outdoor living spaces—we have perfect solutions for decks, patios, and outdoor kitchens—ones that will serve you well, and look great in spite of rainstorms, sunlight and whatever weather may come.

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