September 30, 2021

Care & Maintenance of Carpet Part 1

Just like a mechanic recommends an owner takes care of his car through maintenance, we certainly have some good tips and advice on how to prolong the longevity of your carpet.

Let’s start with preventive tips that can save you time and money in the long run.

  • There are certain areas in the home that receive a lot of attention and traffic, such as the front door area. Avoid adding carpet in these high traffic areas as they are most likely to get soiled and worn down. 
  • Since we were talking about the front door area, it is a great idea to add doormats on the inside and outside of doors that exit the home. Make it a habit to wipe your feet before entering to limit the dirt tracked in.
  • Now that you and your family have developed a habit of wiping your feet at the front door, start a new habit of taking off your shoes when entering your home and urge guests to do the same. PLUS! Who wants to walk on carpet with shoes when you can feel the softness and warm comfort of carpet with your feet!
  • Using a high quality carpet pad under the carpet goes a long way to soften wear.
  • Carpet Protectors! We all have furniture. Place these under the legs. You’ll thank us later! 

We’re not finished here! Tune in to Part 2 for establishing a routine of care and maintenance for your brand new, beautiful carpet.

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