October 6, 2021

Why is carpet the most popular flooring choice in America?

We'll tell ya why!!!

  • It’s the perfect flooring choice for children playing on the floor as it offers comfort, softness and warmth. Have you ever tried crawling on your hands and knees on a hardwood or tiled floor playing with kids??? Not very comfy!
  • It’s a lot quieter walking around on carpet than any other flooring. So once the kids go down for a nap or bedtime, you can relax without worrying about waking them up.
  • The installation process is so much easier and much cleaner than any other flooring.
  • You can guarantee a stain with having kids or pets around BUT that’s OK because the carpet comes with stain and pet guarantees, with hypoallergenic characteristics and can be eco-friendly.
  • You think you had a lot of options with other flooring? Wait until you have to decide on a color with your significant other as carpet comes in more STYLES, TEXTURES, PATTERNS and COLORS than any other flooring. 
  • Home renovations allow you to redesign your home to your specific liking; adding carpet offers significant styling advantages to adapt to your personal design preference.
  • Have a budget? Carpet adds great value to your home and it’s less expensive than any other types of flooring.

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