October 20, 2021

Why Are So Many People Choosing Carpet For Their Home Or Office?

I think we can all agree that carpet is pretty amazing. It’s so warm and inviting and soft to the touch but wait! There’s more! Carpet saves energy and with energy saved, YOU get to save that hard earned money in return. How does carpet save you energy and money?? Carpets have great insulating properties, lowering the amount of energy it takes to keep a room cooled or heated and will save you money in the long run. Having your floors uninsulated can contribute to a 10 to 20 percent heat loss in your home.

Today’s carpets are stain-resistant and designed to trap allergens and dander that can then be vacuumed up. 

Carpets have many great qualities, including as art. They come in multiple styles and colors that do wonders in creating the beautiful space you want to spend time in. In fact, carpeting can blend with any décor from Country to Modern, Rustic to Traditional, and Mediterranean to Southwestern. Be creative in your selection! Consider all the beautiful patterns, styles, and colors. Design the home or office to fit your needs, wants and desires. Your choices and options can seem endless and sometimes overwhelming if you’re not quite sure what to pick. Take a deep breath and rest assured that we here at Flooring Pros, have you covered. We have the best service in town so our expert Design Associates can help you select what works well and looks great in your office or home.

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