September 23, 2021

Care & Maintenance of Carpet Part 2

Thanks for joining us again on this 2 parter piece of excellence. We’ve already covered preventative tips and now we’ll discuss the care and maintenance of that furry comfort addition to your floor we call… Carpet!

Establishing a regular routine of care and maintenance.

  • This one is easy because a lot of us have robots doing it for us as we speak! Vacuum regularly!! The better the vacuum you have, the better the suction will be. If you’re “old school” like me, you’ll push and pull that vacuum across the room and create art as you carefully design the purposefully placed lines in the carpet to please your OCD needs! Also, using the attachments on the vacuum to get along the wall and stairs is a great plus that those robots can’t do… Yet. 
  • We all know that one person that always needs to be doing something with their hands and when they see paint or a sticker peeling, they peel it off and create an already bigger eye sore. Don’t be that person AND especially don’t be that person when you see a snag in the carpet! Call upon your inner powers to avoid the pulling urge and go grab yourself some scissors and snip off the yarn flush with the carpet. Don’t go too crazy now! Carefully avoid cutting any other carpet yarns. BTW, I was that person. McPeely, they called me but I overcame it!
  • We have to admit and come to our senses that we’re not the best at everything we do. Strive to keep your carpet clean always but also get some help from the professionals. Getting your carpets cleaned professionally at least once a year is a huge help. A pristine carpet puts the haters at bay. 
  • This next part is going to take some work on your end but it’s worth it! Read up on the manufacturers information about caring for your carpet.They know best how to protect it. Which will lead me to the last tip.
  • Many carpets have stain-resistant technology which allows you to soak up a spill with a clean cloth. Take care of those immediately. We all know that certain someone whose feet always finds contact with the corner of something and then gravity laughs when they take a tumble to the floor with a cup of brightly colored juice in their hands. The point of the story is if you read the manufacturer's information you’ll know how to take care of it, especially if there’s a certain way to do it.. BTW, I was that certain someone. McPeely Fallsalot… Overcame that one too!

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