October 13, 2021

Plenty of Hardwood Options

Before we get into the 7 different types of popular hardwoods, I’m going to drop a knowledge bomb about an important hardwood rating called the “Janka scale.” It’s a rating of the hardness of the wood and its resistance to dents and impacts. They find this rating by measuring the force needed to press a tiny steel ball halfway into a piece of wood.

This knowledge is important because we all have different lifestyles. One home may want a higher rated hardwood on the janka scale because they have 8 kids, 4 dogs and 3 cats. With lots of traffic throughout the house from a busy household, having a higher resistant hardwood would be the better route to go.

Aside from the hardness of hardwood, you could also choose from a wide variety of styles that vary from strong graining and color variation to hardwood that's evenly colored with less graining. 

With so many options to choose from, our expert Design Associates can help with any questions and they’ll help you select what works best and looks great in your home or office, at a great and affordable price.

Follow us onto our next blog where we’ll discuss the most popular hardwoods in your home.

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